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What are MMS drops?
It is interesting to note that Mr. Jim Humble by accident discovered a few years ago in the jungle on an expedition to Central America, that the appropriate combination of NaClO2 is very effective in some severe human diseases such as malaria and other diseases. Since then, people called it a miracle, a miracle mineral
- NaClO2 (Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS drops, later Master Mineral Supplement), which is the most unusual solution to the ills of mankind. MMS drops, miracle mineral directly destroy selectively neutralizing toxins and pathogenic microorganisms, or indirectly, by the liberation of the immune system.
MMS drops, miracle mineral

NaClO2 is strongly alkaline compound, and when used with drops of citric acid, lemon or lime juice mixed and thus neutralized, releasing chlorine dioxide begint activated. It is important to know that chlorine dioxide is a very strong oxidizing agent that suppresses all pathogens.
For the disinfection of water is used more than 50 years. MMS DROPS - WATER DISINFECTION



The inventor believes that this information is too important to the world that any one person or any group should have control. The free e-book download on this site gives complete details of this discovery.
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Endless MMS reviews - experience reports in English or German:
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Water Desinfection:
For each liter of drinking water in the bottle mix 6 drops MMS with 30 drops activator (fresh squeezed lemon juice or citric acid 10%). If you use 50% citric acid as activator, then use 1 drop activator for 1 drop MMS. Wait three minutes to complete the neutralization (in outdoor space or open the windows). Then add water and wait 1 hour. Bacteria, viruses and parasites are destroyed, and the water is drinkable.


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MMS protocol is safe and inexpensive way to rid your body of all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, heavy metals and other bad things in the body, including cancer cells.
MMS Drops Solution 28% NaClO2 - carbon dioxide, sodium chlorite in distilled water.
Chlorine and chlorine dioxide has long been used for water purification and destruction of all pathogens in hospitals. Since chlorine dioxide is used widely in the last of the water purification, meat and other foods. Chlorine is much safer than chlorine alone dioksit because it is aimed not pathogenic and not associated with other materials such as chlorine. Chlorine in the water produced at least three different cancer-causing ingredients with water and then come into the body. These ingredients are not found in the use of chlorine dioxide. American Association for Analytical Chemistry in 1999 issued a statement that the chlorine dioxide is the most powerful killer of pathogens known to humankind.
Chlorine dioxide decays slowly, never more than one hundred milligrams per hour. The decomposition of sodium chlorite with acid emits only salt and chlorine dioxide. And nothing else.
If you are in contact with harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins and parasites (their phvrijednosti less than 7, and positively charged electron) Chlorine dioxide is oxidized. If you do not find parasites in the blood moves forward, until I found this. For healthy cells and beneficial bacteria not harmful.
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Croatia, Serbia:
The evidence collected from the forum forum-hr.

More about MMS Minerals:
For some time, the pharmaceutical industry (one is now called - 'farmakomafia ") control and dictate the truth, if the medical business, the word " cure " is going out of use. What is important to ensure the control of symptoms, rather than treating its cause everything is for profit, and it is known that from healthy person can not earn much (on the side of the immunizations because it's a different story) is that which "the patient is healed - the consumer is lost," motto has become a medical-pharmaceutical cartel.
About ten years ago, an American named Jim Humble was offered a job in South America. He was there in the jungles of Guyana to work on determining the presence of gold in the country and its extraction. Because he knew that there are many water sources polluted streams and a variety of pathological microorganisms, is you take Jim with me a couple of bottles of "stabilized oxygen" to help him clean drinking water. Came after a group of experts to its destination, are a few of them porazboljevalo of malaria. Trying to help them, Jim gave them drink a certain amount - some drops of the solution "stabilized oxygen" mixed with water. They are there for a short time later recovered completely. So unexpectedly good results fascinated Jim and he continued with the treatment of malaria with the help of stabilized oxygen to experiment. "In the meantime, he noted that this solution was not as effective in all patients, there were cases when it is not helped (assisted by some 70% of cases) and then it was not known by its formula, let alone the mechanism of action .
After returning to the United States, Jim has continued his research and discovered that there is actually a sodium chlorite and then discovered that destroyed this type of solution is not oxygen instead of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and the chlorine-dioxide, the original substance, the pathogenic microorganisms and neutralize toxins.

Trade name of the image shows 28-percent solution of sodium chlorite - MMS DROPS (NaClO2) in distilled water. The product is not patented and can not be patented. It is a simple solution of sodium salt in water. If the image with an acidifier (some drops of citric acid, vinegar, lemon juice) generates chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is mixed.
Chlorine dioxide is used to treat water for pathogens in hospitals and other antiseptic uses more than 100 years to kill.

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MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement 21st Century
After taking the Miracle Mineral Supplement (English Miracle Mineral Supplement - MMS drops), AIDS patients often recover in just three days - if the state and the symptoms disappear. When patients are treated in hospitals, leaving more than half of patients the hospital for a week.
At first glance, surprising how the proper use of the murderers of our immune system can only benefit those who come to attack germs, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to our bodies, while having no effect on friendly bacteria and a healthy body cells. In this book I have, as best I could, I gathered the facts, the passage about the miraculous events of Mineral Supplement (MMS drops) was held.
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Not only mms but baking soda can be used for healing and many more:
Baking soda - the use for.

Other interesting information and statements:
Wonders of the mineral or MMS drops (Miracle Mineral), which is entirely random with Jim Humble and his friends discovered initially as an aid to people affected by malaria used - 28-percent solution of sodium carbon dioxide in distilled water.
Barbara K., Ljubljana, it also helps their children. Full welcomed (the doctor confirmed) autoimmune disease?
SOURCE: Experience with MMS drops Slovenes - Jana MAGAZINE

MMS drops - oxygen therapy, mesothelioma cancer

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