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MMS Drops Handbook

Dr. med. Antje Oswald: The MMS Handbook
in German (Das MMS-Handbuch)

The new comprehensive basic work to MMS drops

Can it be that Jim Humble, a veteran engineer and inventor, has finally discovered an alternative to conventional agents and vaccines with numerous side effects? The EHEC had nothing to laugh at least in the solution called MMS drops. For a long time, users could only rely on the experiences of courageous pioneers, but now also many doctors have accepted MMS. The general practitioner Dr. med. Antje Oswald has worked extensively with the effect of MMS and thereby brought to light amazing information. In this book you will learn not only the backgrounds of the active principle, but also find the latest, detailed descriptions of application and insights in many diseases also from a holistic perspective.

From the contents:

  • Exploration and discovery of the MMS

  • The mechanism of action

  • Sensational healing results

  • Opinions from Germany, England, Switzerland and Mexico

  • Opinions from responsible users

  • User reviews of pet owners

  • Where you can obtain MMS

  • How MMS drops applied

  • Mixing and application examples

  • MMS for pregnant women and children

  • Acid-base balance

  • MMS as a skin spray, foot bath, enema, intravenous infusion and more.

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